We supply a range of tapes suitable for various applications: stablising seams, internal and external seam finishing, and more.

Heat Seal Tape

Used to seal sewn seams in protective wear to make seam unable to be penetrated by any type of liquid e.g. water, chemicals etc.

Hook & Eye Tape

Our hook & eye tape can be used as a feature on garments or accessories as an effective method to finish a garment.

Mattress Tape

Edgeing on bed mattress

Polypropylene Tape

Belting Tape

Used as a strapping or handle on various items e.g. life vests, bags, money pouches, backpacks etc.

Right Reflective Tape

Used on safety gear & clothing to reflect at night time

Shoulder Hanging Tape

Used to reinforce shoulder seams & side seams. Also used for hanging purposes in skirts

Snappy Tape / Lingerie Tape

Plastic stud tape used for body suites etc.

Touch Tape / Hook & Loop

Used as an opening / closing fastener in many forms e.g. clothing, marine, tents, furniture, shoes etc.

Trouser Banding

50 metres per roll

Webbing Tape Herring Bone 100% Cotton

Used as neck binding on T-Shirts & Polo Shirts and also for placards. (Dyeable).  A variety of colours offered in 25mm & 38mm.

Webbing Tape Herring Bone Polyester

Available in Light Weight only (Softer Feel)