General Products & Miscellaneous

Our industrial range extends through to all items you need to manufacture, pack & ship your items: stationary, cutting knives, tape dispensers and more.

Cord Ends, Cord Locks & Toggles

We offer a range of plastic toggles, wooden toggles, rubber cord ends, plastic cord ends, metal cord ends, plastic cord locks and metal cord locks to compliment and finish off your products, such as cord ends for clothes.


Our range of cord extends from poly/cotton to cotton to plaited, twisted and more. Available in a range of colours. Used for draw cord for hoodies, anoraks and for waist ties (track pants, sport shorts etc).

Cutting Knives

Providing safe and clean knives and blades for efficient cutting. Offering knife blades for machinery, snap knives and blades and more.

Cutting Mats

We offer a range of high quality cutting mats from leading manufacturers - Olfa from Japan and Kai.

Measuring Implements

Our range of measurement implements includes grading rulers, set squares, french curves and more. Perfect for fashion students through to industry.

Medical Masks

Medical Mask Certificate of Registration

Right Sheen Polyester Taffeta Lining

Features of Right Sheen are:

Rings / Squares (Metal)

D-Rings, O-Rings & Assorted Shaped Rings (including Square, Rectangle, Half Ring etc)