Zips & Zip Accessories

We offer an extensive range of YKK metal zips and other brand zips for all your garment and production needs. Our nylon coil zips and invisible zips are suitable for dress or skirt, jackets, sportswear and outerwear. We offer a comprehensive range of plastic moulded zips from light weight to very heavy weight for application to sportswear, outerwear, jackets, canvas, bedding, boating & camping. Our metal zips are made from extremely high quality materials and may be used for denim, leather jackets, sportswear and outerwear. For those who want something different or prefer to make their own zips, we offer a large range of zip pullers, zip sliders and zip chains.

Note: Unlesss otherwise specified in the product description all ZIPS and ZIP Accessories are either generic or MRA branded.



Plastic Moulded Zips

Heavy duty yet lightweight plastic zipper used for sweaters and light jackets

Metal Zips

YKK Brand

Metal Zips

non YKK (Nickel Free)

Heavy Duty / Outdoor Plastic Moulded Zips

Suitable for bedding, camping, boating and other outdoor uses

RIRI Zips & Accessories

1. Our RIRI zips are made to order and may take up to 7 days to produce