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The Right Loop Thread / Texturized Polyester

The Right Loop Thread / Texturized Polyester

Overlocking all Light / Medium Fabrics

Sample Colour Cards

Strength 150D: This twisted and lubricated texturized polyester is available in over 100 colours in 15,000 metre cones. Used in most fabrics for the manufacture of childrenswear, fashionwear, leisurewear, lingerie, manchester and underwear. Sewing applications: Overlocking, edging and hemming.

Strength 300D: A heavier version of the 150D, this is available in basic colours in 10,000 metre half kilogram cones. Used in the manufacture of lingerie, manchester, swimwear and underwear. Sewing applications: Overlocking, special effect edging and coverstitching.

Strength 150D3: Quilting Thread. 2lb cone approx 17,000 metres available in Raw White only