Nylon Coil Zips

Nylon coil zippers are suitable for dresses, skirts and jackets, and some purse zips and bag zips. They are very flexible, and we offer them in various sizes and a large range of colours. Nylon coil zippers consist of a coil chain made from nylon. 

Zip No.3 Polyester Closed End

General Purpose Skirt zip or dress zipper

Zip No. 3 Polyester Open End

Light Wight Polyester Coil Teeth zip. Used for Sportswear & Outdoor Wear

Zip No. 5 Polyester Open End

Standard Medium Weight Open End Polyester Coil zip. Suitable for Jackets, Bags & Shoes.

Zip No. 5 Polyester Closed End

Standard Medium Weight Closed End Polyester Coil zip. Suitable for Sportswear & Outerwear, bags and shoes